God the Gardener

Many times in my life, I rely on God to point out things in my life that need to change–dead branches on my heart that need to be cut. This is God as the Gardener. … More God the Gardener


Good News!

“We live in a society that challenges everything. Why does this happen? Why is that important? Why should I listen to you? Why is this happening to me? Why isn’t it happening to you instead? For a people so focused on “Why”, Christians seem to have a hard time answering the question “Why is the Gospel good news?” As I focused on this question in my brain, I came across another question: “If you were to describe the good news about Jesus, how would you do it?” This is how I would describe it. It is an answer, based on my logic, that is intended to explain the Gospel in a way that can be understood. But don’t take my word for it! Search the Bible for yourself!” … More Good News!