My eyes forever Click through Life’s Snowy Channels.

It’s not that there’s nothing good on,

But maybe that I’ve been staring for too long.

The Windows of my Soul crack and then shatter.

Chaotic Floods rush in to become Stagnant.

And my vision fades into Static


Could it be that I’ve been desensitized

To the World and its cries?

Maybe the wool’s been pulled over my eyes.

What if I’m that Wolf in sheep’s clothes?

By blocking out the problems, I suppose

I’m really using this Numbness as a crutch.


I lean on this Novocain as an excuse

To remove myself from the equation.

When life piles high, this Cane holds me up.

I kicked my own legs out long ago.

It’s my only leg to stand on now

So I miss opportunities.


Another closed door.

Is it any wonder that I feel walked on?

After all, a table without legs

Looks just like a floor.

I want to move, but I can’t

Maybe I’m the one who’s Static.


I dream of improving this World,

But Apathy keeps me in one spot—

Nothing to offer because I’m not growing.

All these battles I’ve fought,

And what have I won?

They can’t be for nothing.


See, my problem lies not in where I am,

But In Where My Heart Lies.

It’s been on my sleeve so long,

That it’s withered and fallen.

I can’t be indifferent and still love

Because they’re polar opposites.


The Bible says Love never fails.

Well, I keep failing.

Clearly that means it’s Love I Lack.

But how do I get my heart back?

I know I need it back.

I need Love.


So I go to where I know Love is.

I go to the Cross.

My body is electrified

As the Static clears,

And the snow drips away—

A new life pushing through the dirt.


An ever-living Life brought into existence

By the gentle shock of a better kind of Static.


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