About the Author

My name is Wes, but you probably caught that one already. I am a follower of Jesus. Everything else in my life has been influenced by that fact. I’m a 2017 Bible and Ministry graduate from Kentucky Christian University, and I’m proud to say that I’m a teacher.

I’m also an artist; normally my paintings express my faith in some way. And I consider myself to be a musician as well. Music is something I value highly. I’ve always loved to sing, but I never did it much until I found a reason to. God has blessed me in many ways, and has changed my life drastically. I’m not done yet, though. God works on me daily so that I can become the version of me that God intended for me to be–the best version of me there could be. (John 15:2)

One of my Spiritual gifts has to do with understanding and explaining God’s Word. I figured a cool way to use this gift is by putting together this little Jesus blog. It is my hope and prayer that God leads people to this site who need to see something here. If something I’ve written has spoken to you, it is likely that God led you there to read it. I refuse to claim the glory for that. These aren’t my words. I certainly didn’t make you come to this site. God knows what He’s doing!


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