Me vs. Me: A Meaningless Fight

I constantly fight myself about what I should be doing or wearing. How I should look or who I should date. I pursue it because I believe it will give me happiness. But I’m not pursuing what I think I am. … More Me vs. Me: A Meaningless Fight



My eyes forever Click through Life’s Snowy Channels. It’s not that there’s nothing good on, But maybe that I’ve been staring for too long. The Windows of my Soul crack and then shatter. Chaotic Floods rush in to become Stagnant. And my vision fades into Static ____________________ Could it be that I’ve been desensitized To the … More Static


Oh, God, I thank You that I’m not who I was yesterday; I praise You for who I’ll be tomorrow. Burn me up with Your passion, Consume me in Your love. Your Word cuts through the darkness, So that I might turn toward You and run. Your Voice silences all others; I recognize my Shepherd’s … More Sanctification